A grateful heart on my 37th birthday

I find myself going from a young happy hour addicted, care-free wine lover, ball of fun always around, into sitting on a sofa on Saturday, with a blanket covering over my legs whilst watching a animal documentary trying to keep my eyes opened. So welcome mama, they didn't tell you that becoming parents will be… Continue reading A grateful heart on my 37th birthday


How to encourage the toddlers imagination

As other mums, I am felling always under the microscope. And not because of other people's judgment but for my self-criticism. A long winter and in the last weeks a sickness bug, we have been forced to stay at home for many consecutive days. Handle with a toddler in those moments can be hard, when… Continue reading How to encourage the toddlers imagination

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Motivational Monday #3 | Self-care is an important part of parenting

Self-care is not selfish. It is the best way we can do for taking care of our kids. When we become parents, our priorities naturally shift and references points change. We are all drown in the strongest and hardest emotions, that we have never felt before. Parenthood is that thing that change you defintely.  I… Continue reading Motivational Monday #3 | Self-care is an important part of parenting


Welcome February! A Monthly update 

I love February and not because it's my month's birthday. I love Carnival costumes but in the UK there is any celebration. So sad... However, I can fell the upcoming spring, days start to be longer with light gaining time on dark. Having said that, I am still enjoying winter coziness while waiting for sunny days… Continue reading Welcome February! A Monthly update 

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What’s on in London for families in February and March 

Thinking on coming to London in the last part of winter? The weather isn't the best, but you should consider advantages like visiting on a budget as winter sales, reduced fares in many hotels and lots of museums and popular attractions to visit without crowd. And cold is an ideal excuse to enjoy a good… Continue reading What’s on in London for families in February and March 


Motivational Monday #2

Walk tall as the trees, live strong as the mountains, be gentle as the spring winds, keep the warmth of the summer sun in your heart and the great spirit will always be with you. -Native American proverb- If you think about a tree, where is your thought bringing you? Last Saturday I was walking… Continue reading Motivational Monday #2


Vegan cookies

As this is the second post in a row with veggie or dairy-free recipes, it seems I have been suddenly became addicted with it. Actually I don't have allergies and neither my babies, however I like to go through new ways of cooking. There is another reason in fact, my partner is on a diet… Continue reading Vegan cookies


Motivational Monday #1

Choose to love rather than hate Choose to laugh rather than cry Choose to create rather than destroy  Choose to persevere rather than quit Choose to laugh rather than cry Choose to act rather than procrastinate  Choose to grow rather than rot Choose to live With this post I am starting the motivational Monday serie.… Continue reading Motivational Monday #1


Weekends without plans

Saturday morning. Family just awake. I love these lazy and sweet mornings. Having breakfast, drinking tea while watching my boys. The weekend has just began, home is quiet and there is no rush, no plans yet, we are on a cloud, light and fresh. Weekend often go so fast, I like to plan things to… Continue reading Weekends without plans


Plumcake dairy free with orange

This afternoon we'll have a play date at our place with one of Andrea's friend. As she is lactose intolerant, I have prepared a cake with almond milk and sunflower oil instead of butter. I have added also some oranges and the result is super, very delicious! (Andrea and I have already tasted it...). So… Continue reading Plumcake dairy free with orange