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Ten months

Today I have two reasons to celebrate: Leonardo is ten months old and tonight has slept 8-7.30 without waking up. I never remember what it was like to sleep nine hours in a row! I'm another woman, almost regenerated? ūüėúLeonardo, he never slept for nine hours, the first months he woke up at least three… Continue reading Ten months


Three Easter activities for toddlers

We are waiting for grandparents coming to visit us for Easter, so I have lurked and browsed on Pinterest to come up with some ideas to play with my toddler. I have chosen three effortless idea of play, simple to prepare and without expenses. These all can be tailored for any age and can be done using… Continue reading Three Easter activities for toddlers

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Welcome April with our first picnic

Yesterday we ufficially inaugurated spring with the first picnic of the year. Picnics are undoubtedly our family favorite activity since we moved in the UK last year. I love dining alfresco when the weather allows that. I love all the stunning beautiful parks in London, they are the perfect location for this kind of activity.… Continue reading Welcome April with our first picnic


How to encourage the toddlers imagination

As other mums, I am felling always under the microscope. And not because of other people's judgment but for my self-criticism. A long winter and in the last weeks a sickness bug, we have been forced to stay at home for many consecutive days. Handle with a toddler in those moments can be hard, when… Continue reading How to encourage the toddlers imagination


Welcome February! A Monthly update 

I love February and not because it's my month's birthday. I love Carnival costumes but in the UK there is any celebration. So sad... However, I can fell the upcoming spring, days start to be longer with light gaining time on dark. Having said that, I am still enjoying winter coziness while waiting for sunny days… Continue reading Welcome February! A Monthly update¬†


Weekends without plans

Saturday morning. Family just awake. I love these lazy and sweet mornings. Having breakfast, drinking tea while watching my boys. The weekend has just began, home is quiet and there is no rush, no plans yet, we are on a cloud, light and fresh. Weekend often go so fast, I like to plan things to… Continue reading Weekends without plans


The 4 month old sleep regression and a good sleep routine

We are in the middle of the 4 month old sleep regression. Leonardo has turned 4 months and since we came back from Christmas holiday, unfortunately his sleep has not been the same. He used to be a very good sleeper, waking once in the night just for feeding and then fall asleep again. But now… Continue reading The 4 month old sleep regression and a good sleep routine


4 x 4 | FAMILY UPDATE | January 2017

We have been four for four months. Four months of discoveries, ups and downs, joy, interrupted sleeps, cuddles, tantrums and cries waiting for the moment we could start to feel a family with its own routine. I was expecting a lot worst, but it's too early to crow. What I learned with my first son… Continue reading 4 x 4 | FAMILY UPDATE | January 2017

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Monthly update, time flies

Tomorrow my little Leonardo will be 3 months old and yesterday we celebrated Andrea second birthday and I am feeling like "I want to stop the time flying so fast". When Andrea was a little baby, I was often wondering and dreaming the time we could start to do something together, really interacting in different… Continue reading Monthly update, time flies


“Keep calm”or how to survive to the terrible twos stage

Next Sunday we are going to celebrate Andrea's second birthday, however my partner and I have been already copying with his desire of independence for a while. The terrible twos stage started already three months ago, when a big event in a toddler's life happened: the arrival of a brother. Now I can say, Leonardo's birth… Continue reading “Keep calm”or how to survive to the terrible twos stage