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Detox Raspberry Banana Smoothie

This smoothie gives you a great boost for the day. It's enriched with the popular chia seeds, a “whole grain” food usually grown organically and naturally free of gluten. I am going on with my gluten free and diary free diet, I have to admit that I am feeling very well. Despite the fact that you have… Continue reading Detox Raspberry Banana Smoothie

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Red cabbage passion

I am addicted to cabbage in this period, as its flavour perfectly matches with my eldest kid's taste. It's also cold outside and soups are my favorite friends in these days. I am a mum of two with a very little time to cook but I want to eat healthy in particular after Christmas season.… Continue reading Red cabbage passion

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Beetroot Risotto

When I was pregnant, I ate beetroot almost every day. I like it very much, yes I am that kind of persons that loves vegetables.. It's rich of minerals, vitamins, in particular folic acid, however this risotto is one of my top recipes for a mum-with-kids: it's very easy to prepare, rich of vitamins and absolutely… Continue reading Beetroot Risotto

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White cabbage creamy soup

Cabbage should be considered essential to our food diet, because it is a good natural anti-inflammatory and it is also rich of iron, calcium and fiber. This is an original and very tasty soup that you can try in these cold evenings. I often add legumes to my soups because my son doesn't eat meat… Continue reading White cabbage creamy soup