Gluten free and vegan banana chocolate muffin 

These healthy, vegan muffins are made without eggs and butter. I have to admit this was an experiment. I have been on a diary free and gluten free diet for two weeks as my little one suffers colic during the night. As I am breastfeeding, I am trying to see whatever he is intolerant. Yesterday it… Continue reading Gluten free and vegan banana chocolate muffin 


Vegan cookies

As this is the second post in a row with veggie or dairy-free recipes, it seems I have been suddenly became addicted with it. Actually I don't have allergies and neither my babies, however I like to go through new ways of cooking. There is another reason in fact, my partner is on a diet… Continue reading Vegan cookies


Plumcake dairy free with orange

This afternoon we'll have a play date at our place with one of Andrea's friend. As she is lactose intolerant, I have prepared a cake with almond milk and sunflower oil instead of butter. I have added also some oranges and the result is super, very delicious! (Andrea and I have already tasted it...). So… Continue reading Plumcake dairy free with orange

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Light Persimmon muffins

Persimmon are my favorite fruit in this period. They are full of potassium, vitamins C, phosphorus and calcium and so perfect for our kids. It's a fruit suitable also for babies as they are not known to be highly allergenic (before introducing in a diet it's however better to consult a pediatrician). Yesterday a friend… Continue reading Light Persimmon muffins