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Baby Weaning is not my best friend

Here we are with this step again. My little one is almost seven months old and I have started a very easy and light approach for the last two weeks and things seem will go on very slowly. I can clearly remember how I was overwhelmed by this step with my eldest that is now… Continue reading Baby Weaning is not my best friend

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Detox Raspberry Banana Smoothie

This smoothie gives you a great boost for the day. It's enriched with the popular chia seeds, a “whole grain” food usually grown organically and naturally free of gluten. I am going on with my gluten free and diary free diet, I have to admit that I am feeling very well. Despite the fact that you have… Continue reading Detox Raspberry Banana Smoothie


Gluten free and vegan banana chocolate muffin 

These healthy, vegan muffins are made without eggs and butter. I have to admit this was an experiment. I have been on a diary free and gluten free diet for two weeks as my little one suffers colic during the night. As I am breastfeeding, I am trying to see whatever he is intolerant. Yesterday it… Continue reading Gluten free and vegan banana chocolate muffin 


Vegan cookies

As this is the second post in a row with veggie or dairy-free recipes, it seems I have been suddenly became addicted with it. Actually I don't have allergies and neither my babies, however I like to go through new ways of cooking. There is another reason in fact, my partner is on a diet… Continue reading Vegan cookies


Plumcake dairy free with orange

This afternoon we'll have a play date at our place with one of Andrea's friend. As she is lactose intolerant, I have prepared a cake with almond milk and sunflower oil instead of butter. I have added also some oranges and the result is super, very delicious! (Andrea and I have already tasted it...). So… Continue reading Plumcake dairy free with orange

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Vegetable Spiral Pie

If you follow my blog, you know that I am a fan of pies. They are absolutely my best friends. I simply love them, they are even tasty with vegetables, kids adore them. They are also a backup meal when my son doesn't want to have dinner or they can be a snack during the… Continue reading Vegetable Spiral Pie


Cranberry & Almond Biscotti 

In London these are very cold days, I am enjoying stay warm and cozy at home and baking some biscuits with my child. Yesterday finally it snowed in the evening but I hope that today there will be a second act. I am really waiting for it especially for Andrea that hasn't seen the snow… Continue reading Cranberry & Almond Biscotti 

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Red cabbage passion

I am addicted to cabbage in this period, as its flavour perfectly matches with my eldest kid's taste. It's also cold outside and soups are my favorite friends in these days. I am a mum of two with a very little time to cook but I want to eat healthy in particular after Christmas season.… Continue reading Red cabbage passion


Pasqualina pie, an english interpretation

Monday is the day when I usually plan the menu of the week that always includes a pie. I am not a super organized mum but if I want to spare time and avoid to go at the supermarket everyday, planning is the bet thing. Pasqualina is an evergreen pie, because it is suitable as… Continue reading Pasqualina pie, an english interpretation


Gluten free plumcake with courgettes

This is the first language misunderstanding. In Italian we call this type of pie, plumcake (one word), that can be sweet or salty. If I am not wrong, this is not an english name because it doesn't exist as a only word. By the way, I call it as we do in Italian. I love… Continue reading Gluten free plumcake with courgettes