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Ten months

Today I have two reasons to celebrate: Leonardo is ten months old and tonight has slept 8-7.30 without waking up. I never remember what it was like to sleep nine hours in a row! I’m another woman, almost regenerated? 😜Leonardo, he never slept for nine hours, the first months he woke up at least three or four times, and when he was four months old, he did not sleep for more than two consecutive hours and woke up for my breasts. It had become a vicious circle, that I did it to keep sleeping as fast as possible and not to wake up Andrea. However, he could no longer sleep alone (we all have waking-sleep cycles, I also talked about it on the blog). We have been trying to leave him in the room with my partner, the first two nights worked hard (and every time I was crying he was sick and woke up to see how long it would cry). Then from the third night he started to wake up only a couple of times but managed to fall asleep alone without the touch. It’s not easy to accept that he can sleep without me but I’ll be able to accept it soon (I believe and hope) :). 💙.        


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