Three Easter activities for toddlers

We are waiting for grandparents coming to visit us for Easter, so I have lurked and browsed on Pinterest to come up with some ideas to play with my toddler. I have chosen three effortless idea of play, simple to prepare and without expenses. These all can be tailored for any age and can be done using normal things you have at home.


This is an idea from Dirt and Boogers. You need only to fill a bowl with water and dump in some eggs.  My eldest loves playing with water and making pourings, he can stay for a lot of time totally absorbed by this game. I believe that daddy, who loves fishing, will enjoy this game too…


The second idea comes from And Next comes L. I have found it very very easy to create at home. A perfect ramp made of some recycled cardboard for a vertical egg race!

The third and last idea is from Crafty Morning. My son loves painting, especially with crayons, but he prefers to draw than fill with colors. But this is a perfect idea using pom poms with clothespins!


I hope that you find this post useful and I would love to hear from you about what your little ones enjoys too.!

What are your plans for Easter?

We will stay in London and we are going to participate to an Egg hunt, that is typical for the UK, in Italy we don’t have this tradition. I have found a lot of places around the city that are organizing this activity for kids, we’ll have plenty to choose from. There is a good selection on Time Out if you need inspirations.





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