Happy Mother’s Day… The Ordinary moments

This is the best of several attempts to have a photo with this cheeky boy. (The other little one was sleeping in the buggy). This is me. A totally imperfect but passionate mama who makes her best. Every day.
Today is my first Mother’s Day in the UK.
The first one as mother of two.
The first one far from my mom.
I have been waken up with my eldest bringing me a gift by his hands and I have been spoilt with a lot of cuddles.

Is there anything better?!

In Italy we celebrate it in May, but whenever it is, we all deserve this Day because of our selfless every-day-contribute and unconditional love.

To all mummies out there, you are doing a wonderful job, the most important one there is.

I wish you all a lovely Mother’s Day!



In Italy, as in many other countries, Mother’s Day  is in May. It was established in 1914 thanks to campaigns by the mums’ groups which were established during the Civil War in America. Anna Jarvis, the leader of this movement, campaigned for a May date in memory of her own mum – who had died that month.  President Wilson formalised the date, but Anna later became dissatisfied with the commercialisation around Mother’s Day.



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