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The London Transport Museum #review#4

An absolute must for children of all ages. This museum, located in Covent Garden, covers the history of transportation in London. You are transported back to the 1800s and shown how persons were able to get around London when there were “only” 1 million people.

There are plenty of things for kids to do and lots of interesting exhibits to see. It is split on three levels, with an obliged path from the third floor to the ground to see the most ancient trasnsports. Vintage trains, carriages, buses come to life. The most attractive section is on the ground floor, which is basically a gigantic playground where children can jump aboard bus and trains.

The museum has lots of activities for toddlers to do. They could wear the costumes and act as different roles, like a bus driver, a railway staff, etc. while you can take wonderful pictures in the context. There is also the ‘stamp collecting’ activity: you get a leaflet stamped with a specially designed stamp for each section of the museum. My son loved this game and also helps to make sure that you haven’t missed any section.


  • Get your tickets online. It is cheaper (save 1,50£) that it is not much but you can skip the queue. We went during weekdays and there was a nasty queue. 
  • Museum opens at 10am (11am on Fridays). It’s better to get there on time at the opening. Your ticket is valid for 12 months.
  • Best of all is the cafe upstairs above the with London Transport themed cakes and drinks and fabulous value for money.
  • There are special activities for children during school holidays and half term (check on the website)
  • Singing and stories takes place every Tuesday during term time for the under fives.
  • You may be asked to leave the buggy at the entrance, it is recommended to have a carrier I would say.

DIRECTIONS: London Garden Piazza (Covent garden tube stop – Piccadilly line)

WHERE TO EAT NEARBY: We were looking for a nice place where to eat an hamburger and we stopped at Byron in Holborn. I have to say, great hamburger, great value for money and great welcome place for kids. 


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