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Baby Weaning is not my best friend

Here we are with this step again. My little one is almost seven months old and I have started a very easy and light approach for the last two weeks and things seem will go on very slowly. I can clearly remember how I was overwhelmed by this step with my eldest that is now… Continue reading Baby Weaning is not my best friend


Happy Mother’s Day… The Ordinary moments

This is the best of several attempts to have a photo with this cheeky boy. (The other little one was sleeping in the buggy). This is me. A totally imperfect but passionate mama who makes her best. Every day. Today is my first Mother's Day in the UK. The first one as mother of two. The… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day… The Ordinary moments

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The London Transport Museum #review#4

An absolute must for children of all ages. This museum, located in Covent Garden, covers the history of transportation in London. You are transported back to the 1800s and shown how persons were able to get around London when there were "only" 1 million people. There are plenty of things for kids to do and… Continue reading The London Transport Museum #review#4


Being a mum is to follow your heart first 

I can't believe my last post is almost twenty days ago. These have been very fully and messy weeks... I have been focused on my career and development plan and in my spare time I've been working on my English, on job searching and to be prepared for an interview.  But I missed to write… Continue reading Being a mum is to follow your heart first