Weekends without plans

Saturday morning. Family just awake. I love these lazy and sweet mornings. Having breakfast, drinking tea while watching my boys. The weekend has just began, home is quiet and there is no rush, no plans yet, we are on a cloud, light and fresh.

Weekend often go so fast, I like to plan things to do, there is so much to do and see here in London that when we stay at home I feel like wasting time. But I am wrong. When I spend time with my family every moment is worth. It might haven’t been the most exciting weekend but we enjoyed of simple things and relaxed moments.

We hadn’t plan because both babies weren’t well, so we preferred to rest and spend a relaxing at-home-weekend.

Both babies slept till late (for our family it means 7.30) and we all four layed in the bed for half of the day. Defintely the best moments of the weekend. Nobody wanted to go out from our nest. Leo and Andrea among us wallowed a lot of snuggles and cuddles. We had a lot in-bed-activities like readings, “dancing” aka jumping, listening music and watching old pictures of baby Andrea. We all together did a lot of naps too, we made a cake and prepared lasagne for the Sunday lunch. The last two things not in the bed anyway.

A crowded bed, even during the night…  we are cosleeping in four, with both babies. Andrea sleeps in his cot till the middle of night, when he decides it’s time to join us in the bed. Leo is close to me since the beginning of the night when he fall asleep after the last feed. And so four we are in the morning.

I hope I will always remember the magic of these slowly weekends together. Ordinary moments to live.

PH mum what else

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