Motivational Monday #1

Choose to love rather than hate Choose to laugh rather than cry Choose to create rather than destroy  Choose to persevere rather than quit Choose to laugh rather than cry Choose to act rather than procrastinate  Choose to grow rather than rot Choose to live With this post I am starting the motivational Monday serie.… Continue reading Motivational Monday #1


Weekends without plans

Saturday morning. Family just awake. I love these lazy and sweet mornings. Having breakfast, drinking tea while watching my boys. The weekend has just began, home is quiet and there is no rush, no plans yet, we are on a cloud, light and fresh. Weekend often go so fast, I like to plan things to… Continue reading Weekends without plans


Plumcake dairy free with orange

This afternoon we'll have a play date at our place with one of Andrea's friend. As she is lactose intolerant, I have prepared a cake with almond milk and sunflower oil instead of butter. I have added also some oranges and the result is super, very delicious! (Andrea and I have already tasted it...). So… Continue reading Plumcake dairy free with orange

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Vegetable Spiral Pie

If you follow my blog, you know that I am a fan of pies. They are absolutely my best friends. I simply love them, they are even tasty with vegetables, kids adore them. They are also a backup meal when my son doesn't want to have dinner or they can be a snack during the… Continue reading Vegetable Spiral Pie


The 4 month old sleep regression and a good sleep routine

We are in the middle of the 4 month old sleep regression. Leonardo has turned 4 months and since we came back from Christmas holiday, unfortunately his sleep has not been the same. He used to be a very good sleeper, waking once in the night just for feeding and then fall asleep again. But now… Continue reading The 4 month old sleep regression and a good sleep routine


Cranberry & Almond Biscotti 

In London these are very cold days, I am enjoying stay warm and cozy at home and baking some biscuits with my child. Yesterday finally it snowed in the evening but I hope that today there will be a second act. I am really waiting for it especially for Andrea that hasn't seen the snow… Continue reading Cranberry & Almond Biscotti 


4 x 4 | FAMILY UPDATE | January 2017

We have been four for four months. Four months of discoveries, ups and downs, joy, interrupted sleeps, cuddles, tantrums and cries waiting for the moment we could start to feel a family with its own routine. I was expecting a lot worst, but it's too early to crow. What I learned with my first son… Continue reading 4 x 4 | FAMILY UPDATE | January 2017

Food for kids

Red cabbage passion

I am addicted to cabbage in this period, as its flavour perfectly matches with my eldest kid's taste. It's also cold outside and soups are my favorite friends in these days. I am a mum of two with a very little time to cook but I want to eat healthy in particular after Christmas season.… Continue reading Red cabbage passion

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2017 goals

Hello and welcome 2017! Yesterday we flew back to London (I can't call it home yet) after three weeks spent in Italy. We had a wonderful relay race with parents, grandparents and friends, this is what happens if you live in another country. Going back to 2016 and retracing a year full of changes is… Continue reading 2017 goals