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Top 10 things to do in London during Christmas season (for under 3)

If you are in London during Christmas holidays, this is a little selection of places and things to do if you are parents of toddler under 3: Christmas lights - During Christmas season, London changes his character and in my opinion becomes one of the most romantic citites of the world. All the mainly landmarks… Continue reading Top 10 things to do in London during Christmas season (for under 3)


Pasqualina pie, an english interpretation

Monday is the day when I usually plan the menu of the week that always includes a pie. I am not a super organized mum but if I want to spare time and avoid to go at the supermarket everyday, planning is the bet thing. Pasqualina is an evergreen pie, because it is suitable as… Continue reading Pasqualina pie, an english interpretation


Gluten free plumcake with courgettes

This is the first language misunderstanding. In Italian we call this type of pie, plumcake (one word), that can be sweet or salty. If I am not wrong, this is not an english name because it doesn't exist as a only word. By the way, I call it as we do in Italian. I love… Continue reading Gluten free plumcake with courgettes

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A Christmas gift for myself: learning to be thankful

This post was ready to be posted and now I am tweaking it, after reading a letter, an article about a man and his just dead wife for a cancer. My previous post (it seems to me ridiculous now...)  was about my incapacity to be proactive in managing my daily routine as a mum of two, with… Continue reading A Christmas gift for myself: learning to be thankful

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Beetroot Risotto

When I was pregnant, I ate beetroot almost every day. I like it very much, yes I am that kind of persons that loves vegetables.. It's rich of minerals, vitamins, in particular folic acid, however this risotto is one of my top recipes for a mum-with-kids: it's very easy to prepare, rich of vitamins and absolutely… Continue reading Beetroot Risotto

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Natural History Museum, “The Museum” #review#2

Our family tour dedicated to London Museums for kids continues with the most popular tourist attraction in London for locals. After visiting the Science Museum, last week we went to visit the Natural History Museum. It was a beautiful crispy sunny day, I can say it was one of those perfect Autumn days. Family team… Continue reading Natural History Museum, “The Museum” #review#2

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Monthly update, time flies

Tomorrow my little Leonardo will be 3 months old and yesterday we celebrated Andrea second birthday and I am feeling like "I want to stop the time flying so fast". When Andrea was a little baby, I was often wondering and dreaming the time we could start to do something together, really interacting in different… Continue reading Monthly update, time flies

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Light Persimmon muffins

Persimmon are my favorite fruit in this period. They are full of potassium, vitamins C, phosphorus and calcium and so perfect for our kids. It's a fruit suitable also for babies as they are not known to be highly allergenic (before introducing in a diet it's however better to consult a pediatrician). Yesterday a friend… Continue reading Light Persimmon muffins