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The Science Museum #review#1

Parents like me are always looking for playgroups, playdates and children-friendly places. It’s important to find something interesting for my toddler to do outside home because he needs spaces to let off all his incredibly energy. As a boys’mum I suggest to go to the park every day when the weather consents because boys really go home exhausted and ready to go to sleep. Anyway, if it’s a raining day there is a chance to do something amazing indoor going to the Science Museum. Yes, a museum, London is world famous for its museums and now I have understood why.

It’s easy to reach, South Kensington tube Station (green, yellow and blu). Admission is by offer, 5 £ per each person recommended. We went last Tuesday and we had a wonderful time there. Except for some groups of schools, it was not crowded and we could enjoy it at best. I don’t know how it could be in rainy days or during the weekend, if you can go during the week maybe it is better.


The museum shows the most important steps gained by humanity. There are plenty of cars, planes (also a section of a double deck plane), household electrical appliances history development. The museum has interactive areas where kids can explore technology development. In the basement of the Museum there is a play area suitable from the age of 3 second the museum’s indication. However my son Andrea, who is almost 2, had great fun and could play a lot of time. There is a soft play area and an amazing water game with boats.  I have to say, we had to drag him away at a certain time. This is a typical example of what means learning by playing.

Thanks for reading. I am waiting for you again here once in a while.


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