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First blog post

Kitchen. Leonardo is in the Moses basket. Chicken Piri Piri on the table ready to bake. I have nothing to eat for lunch but dinner is almost ready… Outside it is raining and I am thinking on what the best beginner presentation should be… The first post is a serious matter. I know that this blog should be my daily dose mum in London, definitely a good way for me to practice English, as I am going to achieve ielts certification.

I can remember that I loved writing at school, I had so much things to tell about. However I don’t believe I am a good writer, but I want to put myself beyond my comfort level.

The name of the blog. Yes, it comes suddenly in my mind when I was thinking of having a blog. Being a mum it is always a blessing however from that moment you stop to have a sense of self, children come first, ever. Your job is in stand-by, career as well and you have now a lot of time to rethink on your person. Coming back to work makes you feel guilty at a certain point even if you want to, you need to. this blog is my way to make a sense to who am I now, beyond being a mum, and this is the place where a 360 grade woman, describes herself.

Now should I say something about me? Yes, it is supposed to be. I am mum of two babies, Andrea the eldest, almost 2 years old and Leonardo, nine weeks old. I gave birth Leonardo here in London (I will tell you something in the next posts) and for the moment I am a full time mummy. We are becoming familiar with the new life made of children’s playgroups (very popular here in England for newborns and toddlers), and obviously parks, beautiful massive parks! I am on maternity leave though I want to go back to work soon, when time should be the right one for me and Leonardo (especially).


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