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White cabbage creamy soup

Cabbage should be considered essential to our food diet, because it is a good natural anti-inflammatory and it is also rich of iron, calcium and fiber. This is an original and very tasty soup that you can try in these cold evenings. I often add legumes to my soups because my son doesn't eat meat… Continue reading White cabbage creamy soup


Raising bilingual children

When we moved to the UK my first son Andrea, who was at that time fifteen months old, had just been starting speaking a few Italian words. I wondered how the best approach to a new language could be for him in that critic phase. I think there is no right or wrong answer, just as… Continue reading Raising bilingual children

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The Science Museum #review#1

Parents like me are always looking for playgroups, playdates and children-friendly places. It's important to find something interesting for my toddler to do outside home because he needs spaces to let off all his incredibly energy. As a boys'mum I suggest to go to the park every day when the weather consents because boys really go home… Continue reading The Science Museum #review#1

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Expat life: 10 tips for successful mums’ networking

1. No Fear - I know very well it's not easy to start a conversation when you are not confident with a language. When I arrived in London, I started to go to some playgroups where I met a lot of mums. I thought my English was not bad but I needed to practice. However, the language… Continue reading Expat life: 10 tips for successful mums’ networking


Pediatrician yes or no?

The answer is no (in the UK). In the UK there isn't the figure of the pediatrician in the sense we Italian are used to have with our babies, a steady referral that at scheduled terms checks their growth and a unique doctor they will meet till the age of 14. My eldest son Andrea (born in Italy) had… Continue reading Pediatrician yes or no?


Courgettes pie

I am feeling like a make-cakes-woman, really I can crank out three cakes per week. The reason is simple: Andrea loves it, my partner Filippo can bring it at work for lunch easily, it's a good way to eat vegetables and it needs less than 10 minutes of preparation time. When I come back with Andrea… Continue reading Courgettes pie


I love surprises

“The secret to humor is surprise” said Aristotle. A pearl of wisdom. It's Sunday evening and a new week is going to start again. It is raining too, everything should inspire me some sadness (even if babies are sleeping and home is quiet). However I am happy because I spent a wonderful weekend, everything was simply… Continue reading I love surprises