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Ten months

Today I have two reasons to celebrate: Leonardo is ten months old and tonight has slept 8-7.30 without waking up. I never remember what it was like to sleep nine hours in a row! I'm another woman, almost regenerated? 😜Leonardo, he never slept for nine hours, the first months he woke up at least three… Continue reading Ten months


Three Easter activities for toddlers

We are waiting for grandparents coming to visit us for Easter, so I have lurked and browsed on Pinterest to come up with some ideas to play with my toddler. I have chosen three effortless idea of play, simple to prepare and without expenses. These all can be tailored for any age and can be done using… Continue reading Three Easter activities for toddlers

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Welcome April with our first picnic

Yesterday we ufficially inaugurated spring with the first picnic of the year. Picnics are undoubtedly our family favorite activity since we moved in the UK last year. I love dining alfresco when the weather allows that. I love all the stunning beautiful parks in London, they are the perfect location for this kind of activity.… Continue reading Welcome April with our first picnic

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Baby Weaning is not my best friend

Here we are with this step again. My little one is almost seven months old and I have started a very easy and light approach for the last two weeks and things seem will go on very slowly. I can clearly remember how I was overwhelmed by this step with my eldest that is now… Continue reading Baby Weaning is not my best friend


Happy Mother’s Day… The Ordinary moments

This is the best of several attempts to have a photo with this cheeky boy. (The other little one was sleeping in the buggy). This is me. A totally imperfect but passionate mama who makes her best. Every day. Today is my first Mother's Day in the UK. The first one as mother of two. The… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day… The Ordinary moments

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The London Transport Museum #review#4

An absolute must for children of all ages. This museum, located in Covent Garden, covers the history of transportation in London. You are transported back to the 1800s and shown how persons were able to get around London when there were "only" 1 million people. There are plenty of things for kids to do and… Continue reading The London Transport Museum #review#4


Being a mum is to follow your heart first 

I can't believe my last post is almost twenty days ago. These have been very fully and messy weeks... I have been focused on my career and development plan and in my spare time I've been working on my English, on job searching and to be prepared for an interview.  But I missed to write… Continue reading Being a mum is to follow your heart first 

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A Sunday at the Water and Steam Museum #review#3

This is a lovely offbeat museum located in Brentford, West London, close to the Richmond river banks of the Thames. It's a "hidden gem", so don't expect queues or crowds.  It is privately run and thus, not free of charge. It is home to a collection of water pumping steam engines that small or large… Continue reading A Sunday at the Water and Steam Museum #review#3

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Detox Raspberry Banana Smoothie

This smoothie gives you a great boost for the day. It's enriched with the popular chia seeds, a “whole grain” food usually grown organically and naturally free of gluten. I am going on with my gluten free and diary free diet, I have to admit that I am feeling very well. Despite the fact that you have… Continue reading Detox Raspberry Banana Smoothie


Gluten free and vegan banana chocolate muffin 

These healthy, vegan muffins are made without eggs and butter. I have to admit this was an experiment. I have been on a diary free and gluten free diet for two weeks as my little one suffers colic during the night. As I am breastfeeding, I am trying to see whatever he is intolerant. Yesterday it… Continue reading Gluten free and vegan banana chocolate muffin